Not many people realize that mistakes in the way of eating can not only weaken the effects of steroids, but also increase their side effects and cause many health problems. A syringe with a needle is not a magic wand that transforms muscles into mutants, just like that. Hormones and their derivatives are specific compounds that need proper conditions for proper action. In a way, it can be compared to construction executives who need appropriate employees and high-quality materials to implement their plans. Marni laborers and scrapped, bad goods, do not bode much success, even when the construction would take place under the guidance of the best professionals. Therefore, during the period of building muscle mass, special emphasis should be placed on ensuring the proper quality of the raw material in the form of well-balanced food, and then even a small amount of hormones introduced into the organisms can do wonders. Different measures require different dietary recommendations and we are not able to discuss the whole topic in this one publication. Therefore, we will focus on the most popular medication among practitioners – METHANOLOL and nutritional principles related to its taking.


The right supply of calories is a basic condition for the “steroid management team” to have motivation and proper enthusiasm for work. The use of SAA not supported by the proper supply of calories is a real blow to the body. In such circumstances, confused hormone molecules are not able to carry out any normal reaction, let alone build muscle mass, a process that requires almost clockmaking precision. Not many people realize that it is the right calorie content of the diet that determines the correct and effective course of anabolic reactions. For those who are training “dry”, inadequate supply of calories may be associated only with the lack of appropriate effects, but it will not cause much confusion in their body. However, those who use supportive measures and use a small-calorie diet must reckon with the fact that their intra-motor machinery will soon fail. When hormone molecules migrate from a syringe or pills into the bloodstream they are extremely active and full of enthusiasm for work. In the knowledge that the owner hired them in such a large quantity, they expect a good job. Noticing that there is neither the right materials nor the energy in the rage. Then this highly specialized staff, deprived of work and appropriate conditions, turns into an angry and unpredictable band, which instead of working wreaks havoc. So when you are going to use the help of steroid professionals, think first about creating the right working conditions. It is known that the process of building muscles requires a lot of energy, so you should compose a diet so that it contains the appropriate supply of energy components such as carbohydrates and fats. They should total as much as 85-88% of all energy. The rest should fall on the building material which is protein. Very often for the sake of muscles, most of the exercisers consume excess protein with insufficient supply of carbohydrates and fats. This is a serious mistake! Over-consumption of the protein causes that it is used for energy purposes instead of building materials, which more or less resembles the effect of using bricks instead of coal to burn in the oven.

First steroid cycle

Every “player” going to gyms finally faces a dilemma to take or not. Asking when and what. Wait or maybe already. Yes, really, there is no ideal time to make such a decision is a very individual matter. No less when you get the wall “or the moment when your body stops responding to” natural “methods of stimulating to hyperplasia. And I do not know what he was doing and it is not known what he invented the exercises and so nothing is happening with your body. Maybe it is a good time to make a decision like “now I will try”. Ask what and how?. You certainly can not approach this in the manner of buying a few “omnadrens” and a little “label” and then you will see.

This is not a tendent. On the Polish market at the moment there are so many different resources that even experienced “trainers” are not able to embrace everyone. Although one thing is certain. Not everything is suitable for the first time. You need to move small steps and determine your own tolerance for specific measures. Because of the certainty for everyone, it is different. Looking at various forums and statistics, you can see a certain regularity. Most of the measures used in the first cycle of steroids are:

  • Metanabol;
  • enentat;
  • testosterone propionate.

Such a choice is very decent measures when properly administered give good results and should not cause large sideburns.

Metanabol is a popular “label” used by 90% of people deciding on the first cycle.

After that does not bother like injections. The other thing that in the appearance it is not easy to make an injection if you did not have this problem before. Propionate testosterone is an injectable steroid. A lot more besonimny than Metanabolu Why? because injections. Drugs administered in this way have a different distribution pattern in your body and differently affect the work of the liver than the steroids administered in tablets. But it’s a completely different topic. It was short because 2 days. This is the period of its breakup. On the one hand, well because at any time you can judge how it works on you. And on the other hand, it forces you to constantly sting. Enantan or testosterone prolongatum is very similar to the propionate. The fact that this is given not every 2 but every 5 daysI tell him how ” For example, “put it in a digestible cycle, remember the diet: When administering the steroid significantly accelerates the metabolism of the body And if you ate up, say, 3000 calories a day. You can and should now doubly double this number. Excludes no nutrition. Nothing after You will not be disappointed. You will have to buy supplements with nutrients in the amount of your cash. In the end, you will not always have the time to prepare Being able to eat a good meal. And in this situation, the tidbits can come to help. Before joining the cycle, do not forget about supplying “protective” drugs that in some way protect your body against excessive side-effects of administering steroids.