Anabolics and alcohol

In fact, there are very few people who are passionately devoted to practicing strength training. A bodybuilding lifestyle requires a lot of sacrifices, you need to pay attention to nutrition, regeneration, the right amount of sleep, and only a few can stand up to such a regime. For the majority, bodybuilding is just a bridge that allows you to cross the road from the world of complexes and fears to the illusory land of power, power and power. This path, however, is accompanied by various psychological obstacles, which are not always overcome with a syringe with Omnadren. Steroid drugs only up to a certain point increase the sense of self-confidence, in the long run depressive ones, destroy the normal emotional state and distort reality. After some time, the person feels even more lost, he is persecuted by runaway thoughts, he feels guilty, he does not see prospects for the future. No wonder then that more and more people who abuse steroids are trying to drown their problems in drugs or alcohol.

From the point of view of aggression, combining steroid drugs with alcohol can lead to unusually turbulent reactions within the central nervous system. Alcohol, very strongly interferes with the information processing, leads to inappropriate assessment of the environment and triggers an excessive reaction to the perceived threat. At the same time, it narrows down the process of attention, which may be the reason for incorrect risk assessment. So you can say that steroid drugs are responsible for triggering aggression, while alcohol abolishes the brakes and loosens control, under its influence reveal the original instincts and desires that are hidden under the mask of norms and conventions on a daily basis. People who are under strong environmental pressure, struggling with self-esteem, experiencing frustration, meeting with provocation, are under the influence of alcohol and steroids to get rid of all resistance, break social norms and commit the most violent acts of violence.

If anyone asks why he is reaching for steroids, the answer would always be one: I want to be bigger and stronger. Indeed, taking doping agents from the group of anbolic androgenic drugs gives unbelievable results. In a short period of time, you can grow a real monster from a thin and puny guy. In one month you can take on weight even a dozen kilograms and get the effects on which, naturally, you would have to work for at least a few years. Does not temptation seem huge? Probably yes, that’s why so many of them give in.

Trying to penetrate the negative effects of steroids on the human psyche, the research also tried to wonder whether the body size and the sense of strength can be used to aggression? The results of the observations have clearly confirmed that this element can be a very important factor predisposing to violent behavior, regardless of whether the steroids are used or not. Generally a massive muscular body arouses fear and social admiration. If that was not the case, Arnold would probably never have become an actor. The sense of the size and strength of one’s own body triggers certain acts of domination, especially in certain subcultures. Steroids, on the other hand, can make this problem even more serious.

Very interesting observations in this matter were provided by experiments on monkeys. As we know, strict hierarchical systems prevail in the world of these animals. Stronger and more prominent individuals clearly lead the group and show dominant tendencies. So, they tried to investigate whether steroids would affect the psyche of all apes, both submissive and leadership, in the same way. The results turned out to be extremely interesting. The administered drugs clearly increased aggression in animals with dominant features, while in the case of lower-ranking members, they only increased their compliance. It can therefore be assumed that similar relationships can also appear in people.

Anabolics or androgens?

One of the basic mistakes made by all people who decide to take steroids is applying excessive doses of these substances, taking unsuitable preparations and creating nonsensical and dangerous mixtures. In general, any steroid drug taken to increase muscle mass has both androgenic and anabolic properties. However, the dynamics and the way they work can be different. Some of them have a stronger effect on the hormonal system (androgenic effect), others in turn increase the reaction that promotes weight gain (anabolic effect). The most popular androgen used by muscle lovers is testosterone, or its close derivative – Omnadren.

This agent has an extremely wide spectrum of activity on the human body. As a typical male hormone affects the state of the external genitalia, ensures their proper functioning, affects the condition of the prostate gland, the proper functioning of seminal vesicles
and also responsible for other typically male features such as facial hair or low voice. For this reason, testosterone belongs to the basic drugs used, among others in the treatment of fertility disorders, impotence, developmental damage of gonads, or other diseases caused by insufficiency or testicular insufficiency. However, bodybuilders do not take testosterone to improve their sexual condition. Testosterone, which is the basic male hormone, influences the overall increase in muscle strength and strength. At the same time, it exhibits anabolic properties, which promotes increased protein synthesis, and also increases lipolytic reactions in the adipose tissue. From the point of view of body aesthetics, testosterone is therefore an extremely helpful hormone. However, its use is associated with high risk of injury, especially at an early age. Misuse of testosterone can lead to various complications in the genital system manifested by impotence, serious prostate disorders and infertility. Among other things, the bodybuilders do not use only testosterone alone, but they take it together with anabolic agents (eg Metanabol) . Anabolic drugs do not exhibit such adverse effect on the endocrine system, such as. Testosterone itself, yet have a high efficiency in the retention of nitrogen in mięśniach.

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