Astonishing Facts Regarding Anabolic Steroids Exposed

There are various types of steroids. The steroids either stimulate the creation of testosterone within the body of work for a substitute to it so that its functions can be done by it. Know your source If you’re still likely to take steroids, you will need to investigate and pick the right choice from somewhere it’s possible to trust. Anabolic steroids can lead to serious side effects. There is a considerable number of anabolic steroids for you to select from. They are widely reported to have some severe side-effects, primarily if they are used in high doses.

Steroids are a significant portion of the modern bodybuilding market. Seeing that a result, they may have a gravely negative impact on the male’s self-confidence and standard of living due to damaging effects they may have on the penis. It is essential to beware since there are illegal chemically altered steroids on the market.

How to Choose Anabolic Steroids

Steroids adverse influence on the liver could be their most troubling possibility. Very similar to many medical therapies, there are many side effects of steroids. The steroids side impacts on the teenagers are somewhat more deadly.

Finally, you tell yourself, it could be steroids. The steroids have to be taken in a limited quantity in the shape of injections, as it’s the safer method. They may also have a profound effect on the brain. On the flip side, you may use steroids and not look all that great if you’re not dedicated to placing the work in. If you become contaminated steroids, there’s no telling what else is in there which can cause problems. The handiest manner of getting legal muscle enhancing steroids is to purchase them online.

Whether you’re taking steroids or eliminating them, you need to always seek advice from your health care provider. All kinds of steroids continue to be abused, although we’re now dwelling in the 21st Century. They often decrease the ability of a person to produce testosterone naturally. There are several different kinds of anabolic steroids which were manufactured over the previous decades. They are the most frequent form of anabolic steroid. When you hear the expression anabolic steroids, you can consider lots of things.

An absence of Testosterone may lead to impotence in men. It is the primary hormone secreted in the body of males and is responsible for sexual health and overall vigor. Boosting your testosterone is left up to you.

While it can be possible to take some steroids without harm such as some found in some specific diet medication available on the market today, you still must make sure you adhere to the directions and not do as you please. Counterfeit steroids are typical and might contain impurities that can consequently result in infections or abscesses. They are not physically addictive but you can become psychologically dependent, so you find it hard to cope without them. Another steroid is Testosterone propionate which is well-known among athletes. You can readily find cheap steroids online on multiple online stores.

What are anabolic steroids?

Before reading other sections, it is essential that the reader had a basic idea of what steroids are and the natural production of testosterone and its effects. This is probably boring for many readers, but steroids action is essential basic knowledge. Besides the obvious fact, it is a kind of fun that allows you to find out what else “boys” can do. Some readers should be warned against the style of writing: so some may feel embarrassed by openness regarding any subject including sexuality. The authors have no intention of apologizing to anyone who chose to read this book. To be honest, it is our right to freedom of speech and the reader to choose not to read or disagree. There are several sex hormones. Some such as estradiol, estrone and progesterone are sex hormones belonging to the estrogen group. Androstenedione, androstenediol and testosterone are called naturally occurring endogenous (produced in the body) androgens. The previous group are the leading female hormones responsible for the formation of sexual characteristics associated with the deposition of fat in places typical for women such as breasts, thighs, buttocks, as well as for the formation and formation of female genital organs. The second group, androgens, are the leading male hormones that are responsible for features such as lower voice, greater bone and muscle mass, facial hair, increased body hair, formation and development of male sexual organs and aggression.

Both men and women produce androgens and estrogens. The dominant feature in women is the production of estrogens, and in men – androgens. If it were to change, each of the sexes would, to some extent, take on the characteristics of the other. Our main goal of other sections is male androgen, testosterone, and almost all its endless derivatives and esters. On average, a man produces 4 – 10 mg of testosterone daily. This means that the average man can synthesize 28-70 mg of endogenous testosterone per week. However, before we continue, we also need basic knowledge about other hormones.

The Origin of Steroids

Anabolic steroids of natural or synthetic origin are a group of steroids, which has a strong anabolic effect, i.e. steroids, accelerate the sharing of cells that create specific tissues of animals and humans. The action of some anabolic steroids is to stimulate the growth of muscle mass and sometimes also bones. This effect is particularly important in sports doping. Anabolic steroids also have many side effects, because they strongly affect the overall hormonal balance of the body. One of the best-known natural anabolic steroids is testosterone, which also acts as a male sex hormone. Anabolic steroids work by activating androgen receptors on the surface of cell membranes. The effects of this stimulation are usually divided into generally anabolic and related to the formation of sex differences. Examples of anabolic effects:  increased protein synthesis,  increase in the rate of mass gain, strength and endurance,  increase in appetite, increase in bone growth rate, increased production of red blood cells. Examples of the effect of sexual differentiation: increase in the size of the penis and clitoris in children (in adults, administration of any steroids has no effect on the size of the genitals), increase in chest size in boys, breasts and hips in girls, increased body hair growth in men and erogenous spheres in women, effects of voice mutation in boys. Although chemists aim to obtain steroids that would only cause anabolic effects and do not interfere with the effects of sexual differentiation, nowadays practically all synthetic anabolic steroids cause both effects. This is due to the fact that all of them are metabolized by the human body, and the products of their metabolism have a side effect by activating estrogen receptors, which causes various undesirable effects, such as: accelerated aging of some tissues (especially bones in men), unnatural growth breasts in both women and men (gynecomastia), imbalance of sex hormones causing an unnatural decline in sex drive in men and its artificial growth in women.

Anabolic steroids began to be used in medicine in the 1940s

Many attempts to use them often led to side effects, which were worse than the disease itself, which means that their use is practically abandoned, with the exception of one testosterone use, in some strictly limited cases. Among others they were used to: stimulate bone growth in hypoplastic anemia – but now they are replaced with natural protein hormones, obtained by biotechnology, which have much better anabolic selectivity, regulating the growth rate in children who show abnormal growth (grow too slow or too fast) ) – natural protein hormones that do not have such drastic side effects as synthetic anabolics are now also used for this purpose  stimulating the increase in appetite and body weight in some diseases that cause lack of hunger – this is a way to treat people suffering from AIDS – but with a fairly mediocre effect accelerating the sexual development of boys, in whom it starts far too late – the treatment of this developmental disorder is carried out by administering controlled doses of testosterone – currently it is actually the only medical therapy carried out with the use of rudder anabolic Jews. Applications and abuses in sports doping. Anabolic steroids are often used by athletes as a form of illegal chemical doping. Initially, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, their use was not officially prohibited, as these steroids were just beginning to appear on the market, and their appearance was faster than changes in sporting law. Anabolic steroids are especially often used in the so-called strength sports, in which strength and endurance of the muscles determine the success.

This is especially true for bodybuilding, weightlifting, many drug competition (running, long jump etc.), swimming competition and cycling. In the mid-1990s, the authorities of the International Olympic Committee have completely banned the use of anabolic steroids in official sport, which entailed similar prohibitions in most countries of the world that send athletes to the Olympics. Modern methods to detect the use of anabolic steroids (eg gas chromatography of extract from pubic hair) allow detection of their consumption even after 2-3 years from this fact. Nevertheless, there are reasonable suspicions that the underground industry of production and research on anabolics is still quite active. Between the anti-doping laboratories and the doping industry, the type of game is still going on. The newly obtained chemicals having an anabolic effect are introduced into the black market before the anti-doping laboratories will learn to detect them. The use of anabolic steroids by people practicing sports purely for recreation is still not allowed in most countries, including Poland. However, their amateur use during adolescence often results in the inability to continue a professional sports career in adulthood.

Effects of anabolic steroids

Not many people realize that mistakes in the way of eating can not only weaken the effects of steroids, but also increase their side effects and cause many health problems. A syringe with a needle is not a magic wand that transforms muscles into mutants, just like that. Hormones and their derivatives are specific compounds that need proper conditions for proper action. In a way, it can be compared to construction executives who need appropriate employees and high-quality materials to implement their plans. Marni laborers and scrapped, bad goods, do not bode much success, even when the construction would take place under the guidance of the best professionals. Therefore, during the period of building muscle mass, special emphasis should be placed on ensuring the proper quality of the raw material in the form of well-balanced food, and then even a small amount of hormones introduced into the organisms can do wonders. Different measures require different dietary recommendations and we are not able to discuss the whole topic in this one publication. Therefore, we will focus on the most popular medication among practitioners – METHANOLOL and nutritional principles related to its taking. If you want you can buy steroids online here.


The right supply of calories is a basic condition for the “steroid management team” to have motivation and proper enthusiasm for work. The use of SAA not supported by the proper supply of calories is a real blow to the body. In such circumstances, confused hormone molecules are not able to carry out any normal reaction, let alone build muscle mass, a process that requires almost clockmaking precision. Not many people realize that it is the right calorie content of the diet that determines the correct and effective course of anabolic reactions. For those who are training “dry”, inadequate supply of calories may be associated only with the lack of appropriate effects, but it will not cause much confusion in their body. However, those who use supportive measures and use a small-calorie diet must reckon with the fact that their intra-motor machinery will soon fail. When hormone molecules migrate from a syringe or pills into the bloodstream they are extremely active and full of enthusiasm for work. In the knowledge that the owner hired them in such a large quantity, they expect a good job. Noticing that there is neither the right materials nor the energy in the rage. Then this highly specialized staff, deprived of work and appropriate conditions, turns into an angry and unpredictable band, which instead of working wreaks havoc. So when you are going to use the help of steroid professionals, think first about creating the right working conditions. It is known that the process of building muscles requires a lot of energy, so you should compose a diet so that it contains the appropriate supply of energy components such as carbohydrates and fats. They should total as much as 85-88% of all energy. The rest should fall on the building material which is protein. Very often for the sake of muscles, most of the exercisers consume excess protein with insufficient supply of carbohydrates and fats. This is a serious mistake! Over-consumption of the protein causes that it is used for energy purposes instead of building materials, which more or less resembles the effect of using bricks instead of coal to burn in the oven.

First steroid cycle

Every “player” going to gyms finally faces a dilemma to take or not. Asking when and what. Wait or maybe already. Yes, really, there is no ideal time to make such a decision is a very individual matter. No less when you get the wall “or the moment when your body stops responding to” natural “methods of stimulating to hyperplasia. And I do not know what he was doing and it is not known what he invented the exercises and so nothing is happening with your body. Maybe it is a good time to make a decision like “now I will try”. Ask what and how?. You certainly can not approach this in the manner of buying a few “omnadrens” and a little “label” and then you will see.

This is not a tendent. On the Polish market at the moment there are so many different resources that even experienced “trainers” are not able to embrace everyone. Although one thing is certain. Not everything is suitable for the first time. You need to move small steps and determine your own tolerance for specific measures. Because of the certainty for everyone, it is different. Looking at various forums and statistics, you can see a certain regularity. Most of the measures used in the first cycle of steroids are:

  • Metanabol;
  • enentat;
  • testosterone propionate.

Such a choice is very decent measures when properly administered give good results and should not cause large sideburns.

Metanabol is a popular “label” used by 90% of people deciding on the first cycle.

After that does not bother like injections. The other thing that in the appearance it is not easy to make an injection if you did not have this problem before. Propionate testosterone is an injectable steroid. A lot more besonimny than Metanabolu Why? because injections. Drugs administered in this way have a different distribution pattern in your body and differently affect the work of the liver than the steroids administered in tablets. But it’s a completely different topic. It was short because 2 days. This is the period of its breakup. On the one hand, well because at any time you can judge how it works on you. And on the other hand, it forces you to constantly sting. Enantan or testosterone prolongatum is very similar to the propionate. The fact that this is given not every 2 but every 5 daysI tell him how ” For example, “put it in a digestible cycle, remember the diet: When administering the steroid significantly accelerates the metabolism of the body And if you ate up, say, 3000 calories a day. You can and should now doubly double this number. Excludes no nutrition. Nothing after You will not be disappointed. You will have to buy supplements with nutrients in the amount of your cash. In the end, you will not always have the time to prepare Being able to eat a good meal. And in this situation, the tidbits can come to help. Before joining the cycle, do not forget about supplying “protective” drugs that in some way protect your body against excessive side-effects of administering steroids.


Anabolics and alcohol

In fact, there are very few people who are passionately devoted to practicing strength training. A bodybuilding lifestyle requires a lot of sacrifices, you need to pay attention to nutrition, regeneration, the right amount of sleep, and only a few can stand up to such a regime. For the majority, bodybuilding is just a bridge that allows you to cross the road from the world of complexes and fears to the illusory land of power, power and power. This path, however, is accompanied by various psychological obstacles, which are not always overcome with a syringe with Omnadren. Steroid drugs only up to a certain point increase the sense of self-confidence, in the long run depressive ones, destroy the normal emotional state and distort reality. After some time, the person feels even more lost, he is persecuted by runaway thoughts, he feels guilty, he does not see prospects for the future. No wonder then that more and more people who abuse steroids are trying to drown their problems in drugs or alcohol.

From the point of view of aggression, combining steroid drugs with alcohol can lead to unusually turbulent reactions within the central nervous system. Alcohol, very strongly interferes with the information processing, leads to inappropriate assessment of the environment and triggers an excessive reaction to the perceived threat. At the same time, it narrows down the process of attention, which may be the reason for incorrect risk assessment. So you can say that steroid drugs are responsible for triggering aggression, while alcohol abolishes the brakes and loosens control, under its influence reveal the original instincts and desires that are hidden under the mask of norms and conventions on a daily basis. People who are under strong environmental pressure, struggling with self-esteem, experiencing frustration, meeting with provocation, are under the influence of alcohol and steroids to get rid of all resistance, break social norms and commit the most violent acts of violence.

If anyone asks why he is reaching for steroids, the answer would always be one: I want to be bigger and stronger. Indeed, taking doping agents from the group of anbolic androgenic drugs gives unbelievable results. In a short period of time, you can grow a real monster from a thin and puny guy. In one month you can take on weight even a dozen kilograms and get the effects on which, naturally, you would have to work for at least a few years. Does not temptation seem huge? Probably yes, that’s why so many of them give in.

Trying to penetrate the negative effects of steroids on the human psyche, the research also tried to wonder whether the body size and the sense of strength can be used to aggression? The results of the observations have clearly confirmed that this element can be a very important factor predisposing to violent behavior, regardless of whether the steroids are used or not. Generally a massive muscular body arouses fear and social admiration. If that was not the case, Arnold would probably never have become an actor. The sense of the size and strength of one’s own body triggers certain acts of domination, especially in certain subcultures. Steroids, on the other hand, can make this problem even more serious.

Very interesting observations in this matter were provided by experiments on monkeys. As we know, strict hierarchical systems prevail in the world of these animals. Stronger and more prominent individuals clearly lead the group and show dominant tendencies. So, they tried to investigate whether steroids would affect the psyche of all apes, both submissive and leadership, in the same way. The results turned out to be extremely interesting. The administered drugs clearly increased aggression in animals with dominant features, while in the case of lower-ranking members, they only increased their compliance. It can therefore be assumed that similar relationships can also appear in people.

Anabolics or androgens?

One of the basic mistakes made by all people who decide to take steroids is applying excessive doses of these substances, taking unsuitable preparations and creating nonsensical and dangerous mixtures. In general, any steroid drug taken to increase muscle mass has both androgenic and anabolic properties. However, the dynamics and the way they work can be different. Some of them have a stronger effect on the hormonal system (androgenic effect), others in turn increase the reaction that promotes weight gain (anabolic effect). The most popular androgen used by muscle lovers is testosterone, or its close derivative – Omnadren.

This agent has an extremely wide spectrum of activity on the human body. As a typical male hormone affects the state of the external genitalia, ensures their proper functioning, affects the condition of the prostate gland, the proper functioning of seminal vesicles
and also responsible for other typically male features such as facial hair or low voice. For this reason, testosterone belongs to the basic drugs used, among others in the treatment of fertility disorders, impotence, developmental damage of gonads, or other diseases caused by insufficiency or testicular insufficiency. However, bodybuilders do not take testosterone to improve their sexual condition. Testosterone, which is the basic male hormone, influences the overall increase in muscle strength and strength. At the same time, it exhibits anabolic properties, which promotes increased protein synthesis, and also increases lipolytic reactions in the adipose tissue. From the point of view of body aesthetics, testosterone is therefore an extremely helpful hormone. However, its use is associated with high risk of injury, especially at an early age. Misuse of testosterone can lead to various complications in the genital system manifested by impotence, serious prostate disorders and infertility. Among other things, the bodybuilders do not use only testosterone alone, but they take it together with anabolic agents (eg Metanabol) . Anabolic drugs do not exhibit such adverse effect on the endocrine system, such as. Testosterone itself, yet have a high efficiency in the retention of nitrogen in mięśniach.

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